About Ann Ralph


My fruit tree initiation began at Scenic Nursery in Modesto, California where the owner, Jim Rogers, insisted that no bareroot fruit tree leave the nursery without a prune that took off the top two-thirds of the little tree. Alarmed as anyone by such a brutal cut, I left this disconcerting task to other workers in the nursery. Then one day, Ed Laivo, the sales rep and backyard fruit specialist from Dave Wilson Nursery, arrived at Scenic with some samples of tree-ripe Arctic Glo nectarines. I had never, ever tasted any fruit so perfectly delicious. That following January, I cut short a little sapling for myself. Ed’s sliver of nectarine began my career as a fruit tree enthusiast and emphatic pruner. I’ve been promoting the idea of pruning to create small scale trees with an evangelical zeal ever since.


One Extraordinary Nectarine

Many of you know me from our over-the-counter conversations at Berkeley Horticultural Nursery where I taught pruning classes, lopped your bareroot saplings and managed the fruit tree department. My book, Grow a Little Fruit Tree, is available at your local independent bookstore or wherever books are sold.